Are there any natural, alternative cures for stomach ulcers?

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by UrbaneWomenMag

Question by Krn: Are there any natural, alternative cures for stomach ulcers?
I was just diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and started taking Prevacid. I don’t like the side effects (or the cost!) and was wondering if anyone has any natural, alternative remedies or if medication is the only answer. Thanks, any replys would be appreciated!

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Answer by critterfuzz
there are no natural cures but you can do some things to help ease the pain…….. stay away from spicy foods and things such as chocolate, oranges and oninos, alchohol(yup sorry) etc…. these things add to the irritation u feel…..hope u feel better

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  1. oneirondreamer says:

    Research starting in Austrialia in the 1980′s showed conclusively that virtualy all stomach ulcers are the result of a bacterial infection. I am not sure if prevacid is an antiboitic? but it doesn’t ring a bell as the antibiotic that was shown to be effective. Ask you pharmasist if it is, and ask them what they think is the most effective anitbiotic, then go back to your doctor and ask why you are not on the one your pharmisist has recommended. Doc’s are often overwhelmed by propiganda (called education) from big pharma, but pharmisists usualy know the truth.

    Grapefuit seed extract is a super powerful antibiotic, but I am not sure if it’s the right one.

  2. Sylvia S says:

    Disclaimer: I am NOT medical doctor and the following is not meant to be a diagnosis or prescribed treatment, just the known facts from someone who has been there and done some research.
    First off, I am sorry to hear you have a stomach ulcer. I know that they can be quite painful. However, whoever prescribed Prevacid alone for your stomach ulcer aren’t up to date on things.
    Recent, and accurate research has PROVEN that stomach ulcers are caused by a particular type of bacteria, called Helicobacter pylori and must be treated with a combination of two types of medication. The first is an antibiotic called amoxycyllin which kills the bacteria. The second is an acid reducer called lansoprazole which is what the Prevacid is. Your doctor should have known and told you that you cannot cure a stomach ulcer with an acid reducer, diet control, etc. Again he/she is not up to savvy on the new and documented truth of the CAUSE and cure of stomach ulcers.
    I suggest, that in light of what I have told you (which again is documented truth) that you should confront your doctor with these findings or else get a second opinion.
    If you want to learn more just google the term “stomach ulcer.” The research and true treatment is all over the Internet.
    Good Luck!

  3. Ayame says:

    First I need to say that I’m not a doctor so you can take my advice or leave it accordingly. :-) I have been using alternative medicines for over 10 years prompted by my having three conditions that the American Medical Association has either no good treatment for or no treatment at all.

    I would try aloe vera. You can get aloe vera juice at just about any health food store. As with most things you get what you pay for, the more expensive the bottle the higher quality. I would expect to pay at least $ 10-15 for the bottle but you only need a few ounces a day so one bottle will last a while. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t taste that great. It has a little bit of a “soft grass” taste but if you put it in an acidic/tangy juice (I find white grape works best) you won’t really taste it. Aloe has been used for centuries and it can help with all sorts of things, internal and external. Like I said, I am not a doctor, but I don’t think there are any side effects or risks with taking aloe. What aloe can do externally healing burns and wounds it can also do internally.

    If ulcers are from a bacterial infection you’ll also want to boost your immune system. Olive leaf is good for that (I use it to cure sinus infections, I get them chronically and I don’t need antibiotics anymore). It comes in capsules and the price varies with the milligrams ($ 8-15 per bottle), get what you can afford and take it twice a day. I am not sure about taking olive leaf long term, I would probably do only once a day if I were taking it for more than a week. I use it as a treatment while I feel sick rather than a preventative.

    Whatever you try, I hope that you get some relief. :-)

  4. Middleman says:

    Most stomach ulcers are really caused by a bacterial infection, H. pylori, which is SO easy to treat with Western Medicine now. I can’t see staying on Prevacid when 2 weeks on an antibiotic would fix it forever.

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